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Couples Therapy

Therapy is all about growth, and deciding to make that change with your partner is an excellent first step. Married or not, there are all kinds of relationships and all sorts of reasons for seeking help. Whether a specific issue has arisen or you're simply feeling a lack of connection, we'll help figure out how to move forward.


It's not about placing blame or finding fault. Instead, we're here to collaborate with the couple to recognize each party and their needs to identify ways to strengthen their bond. We teach clients to maintain curiosity, empathy and compassion so that everyone feels safe and valued. 

Why couples might seek therapy:

  • Sexual issues

  • Disagreements that require mediation

  • Barriers to communication or differing communication styles

  • A breach of trust in the relationship

  • Opening a closed relationship, and vice versa

  • Navigating life's transitions, including marriage, having children, loss, separation and divorce

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