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Group Therapy & Education

We like doing it with an audience, too. Our therapists regularly facilitate virtual support groups as an alternative to traditional sessions and are available to provide educational lectures at various types of gatherings as well.



Opening yourself up to a group of people can feel a little daunting or embarrassing at first, but it actually offers a lot that one-on-one therapy doesn't. It's a supportive space for dialogue around topics that may otherwise be challenging to be vulnerable about—a place to connect with, be empowered by and learn from other individuals navigating similar journeys to yours.  Click here for current group offerings. 



We are available to speak and lead discussions at schools, non-profits, workplaces and other institutions that seek education about anti-harassment, mental health, social justice and sexuality. Please feel free to reach out to us for further details; we are happy to give examples of past lectures given.

Reclaiming Pleasure Group
Reclaiming Pleasure from Pain: A Support Group for Women Navigating Pelvic Pain


When it comes to painful sex, women and their care providers tend to focus most of their attention on the pain itself (which, of course, is of utmost importance!). In doing so, however, we can neglect to address the emotional implications of navigating pelvic pain in a society that has very strong opinions around the ways sex should look and feel. Additionally, when focusing solely on the pain, we tend to overlook other critical components of sex and intimacy, including connectedness and pleasure, both of which you deserve!

The purpose of this group is multifaceted: to provide access to a safe, supportive space for dialogue around topics that may otherwise feel challenging to be vulnerable about; to connect with, be empowered by, and learn from other individuals navigating similar journeys to yours; and to explore ways in which you can reclaim pleasure by prioritizing your sexual wellbeing beyond pain.


This group is for cis women/vulva owners ages 24-35 who experience pain with sex. This will be a closed group of 6-7 participants, which means that once all members have joined, we will no longer accept additional participants. Participants must be located in New York or Connecticut during the time of group meetings.


The group will be facilitated by Romi Terk, LMSW (she/her). Romi is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in sexual health.


The group takes place virtually via Google Meet and two options for meetings are either Wednesdays or Thursdays at 5:15 -6:15pm Eastern Time.  If a conflict arises for you at any point, please ensure that you notify Romi at least 48 hours in advance to the group meeting. Any cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to paying the full participation fee.


Please fill out our contact form or e-mail Romi directly at to set up a phone consultation to explore fit and answer any questions you might have.

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